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No no.. You're being ignorant here

"Don't be ignorant; you know as I know the FSP can only work if people move to New Hampshire. So, why if there are gangs somewhere would somone move there? I've never heard of people moving towards gangs, usually away from them. Do, you believe in vigilantism? You know, people moving around taking out other peoples problems without even being asked to do so?"

You know what he means by gangs.. He wasn't talking crips and bloods but an established and entrenched tyrannically inclined power that dictates through a majority.

How terrible we are.. trying to make sure everyone EVERYONE gets a fair shake.

"I find it unethical to stick my nose in other peoples business; because sooner or later people will be doing the very same thing to you."

You're sticking it in right now by giving your opinion. :)

"You do not have the right to force your will on anybody period; you can try, but don't complain when negative consequences befall you because of it."

Tell it to the Founding Fathers that got us started down the road to Liberty. If they hadn't stepped up, this nation probably wouldn't have started.

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