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Comment: Individual Income Tax Forms :

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Individual Income Tax Forms :

W-4s, 2s, and 1040 series are classified as Type 5 “Gift and Estate” tax forms. They are not attempting to tax your wages, salary or other remuneration.

Question could be what is the “Gift” involved? My employers gift to me for working? Some gift to the IRS? Or who / what Estate? My Personal Estate? Some Estate as a so called Citizen or Individual?

Never could find out. Lots of pages missing from the law library's Treasury Decisions and Orders. As from various IRS Procedure Handbooks that could have given a clue.

Treasury Secretary Donald Regan once stated simply:
“The purpose of the Revenue Code is not to collect revenue. The purpose of the Revenue Code is to enforce Public Policy.”

Well, what do you know about that?

IRS and Justice spooks monitoring this, I still have a simple question to you all, unanswered for over 17 years.

“Are you exercising an Office of Trust, an Office of Profit, or an Office of Honor?”

It's a simple Jurisdictional question. Did this question ever get to the District Director's superior or IRS legal department, as I asked and authorised by Notarized coloured Signature? Did it get to ANY legal department, or did you just choke?

I can't believe you would just drop years of hounding us with over a half million dollars in Levy Assessments on your books.

I guess Accounts Receivable has some book juggling value to you.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info