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Actually I'm not being

Actually I'm not being ignorant. I'm not the one saying that I am going to New Hampshire with a horde of other people to install the government that I think the rest of the people -who by the way have the government they want- should have. That is being ignorant.

While pointing out the errors I percieve in ones actions vs their espoused ideology may be construed as sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, I am only doing it because I believe you should follow my dictates -therefore it is okay for me to do it. Also, while I am a greater friend to your cause then you may think, if you think that I am bad, wait and see if the FSP actually starts getting a bigger head of steam behind it; you will have people knit picking over every little thing. You all should be thanking me for giving you some practice defending your actions. :)

As for the founders, they never took over an actual colony first; they went straight to the head of the beast -which in this case would be Washington D.C. That being said, it did help that they had Pennsylvania at the time to go to -which was practically its own State rather than a Colony.