Comment: The videos are made by dallasgoldbug aka Ed Chiarini...

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The videos are made by dallasgoldbug aka Ed Chiarini...

The same guy that claims Ron Paul is really a fictitious person played by English actor Ian Mckellen...

He also maintains a website where he claims virtually every person of any notoriety are really played by actors, where he compares pictures of people's ears as 'proof'.

He's either completely batshit crazy or he's a conman.

So, honestly nothing of any substance has been discovered here, its just a long discredited fool connecting a random photo album of random people he found on the web to a completely unrelated event.

Go ahead and see the absurdity for yourself at his awfully designed website:

Other such gems include: George Bush is Joseph Kennedy Sr., Kermit Roosevelt is Hitler, Ross Perot is Gen. Ramsey Clark, Betty White is Queen Elizabeth II, Bing Crosby is Adolf Eichmann, and Alan Greenspan is Larry King

All this stark raving madness on this page alone:

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