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Rant = Passion ?

"Am I off on another rant? If you think Alex Jones is acting like a lunatic then you may want to avoid me speaking in person. I am not easy to know."

It would probably be very funny to have both of us (not talking about Alex) in the same room with friends and family...we may clear the room unless we find a 3rd loud mouth among us. It is my “tone” that gets me into trouble. People do not understand the passion and urgency behind it, and I rarely let people get a word in edgewise.

I suppose I am hard to know too, and I am sorry that I seem jump to conclusions where you are concerned, but I say in self-defense…I ask you if my ill drawn conclusion is correct. I don’t just assume, I ask. Or if I am wondering, I ask. I am sorry to put you in that spot I never considered that you were a Davidian. I do consider you to be a remarkable “half” a Joe!. You have in many ways saved my sanity in this waking up process. Maybe even helped me and Jeff as you took some of barrage that I normally would have given him with my room clearing passion and you have helped me understand things. I do still have caution due to my “conditioning.” It is hard to accept the far reaching implications of mass Legal Criminal activity. I seem to remember a post you made about Screws. The screws are deep.

This morning has been quite the trial. I got a call that my 80 year old Pop (stepfather) was on the way via ambulance to the emergency room this morning after passing out at breakfast. Our van with 200K+ miles died on the way to Kansas City ear doctor for the youngest. It was 14 degrees out. Thankfully Jeff was driving; normally he would have been at work. It is some kind of electrical issue. I was praying for his safety and wisdom as he looked under the hood while cars wizzed by…and out of nowhere one of our church members on the way to work at 9AM was at our car window and played taxi driver for us. At the ear doctor I had to watch and listen as the doc cleaned the ear wax off my son’s ear drum ear tube as the nurse held his head still on the table. From time to time my little one wrinkled his brow, clenched his fist, and remarked about the pain. I had watched Pilger on Ground Zero Cambodia yesterday and the thoughts started flooding in and I almost passed out before it was over. I normally have a stomach of steel, but they had interviewed torture victims on that documentary and my mind began wondering as my little one lay there. By the time we got back to the waiting room I thought I had the flu I was so sick to my stomach. One of those victims said he could not even remember his name during the ordeal.

I am going to start the new thread you requested, but I am going to rest first. I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep well last night either. I have the post somewhat planned in my mind and was going to work on it while Jeff was driving, but the morning did not turn out as expected. I’ll give you a shout when it it up.