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"I am only doing it because I believe you should follow my

therefore it is okay for me to do it."

And how is that any different than what you say we are doing? You're not as clever as you think you are. :)

See, the difference is, we are by law, right. We are just setting things back to the way they were meant to be which is a far cry from the way people have it now.

"Also, while I am a greater friend to your cause then you may think, if you think that I am bad, wait and see if the FSP actually starts getting a bigger head of steam behind it; you will have people knit picking over every little thing. You all should be thanking me for giving you some practice defending your actions. :)"

I don't think you're bad, just wrong.

"As for the founders, they never took over an actual colony first; they went straight to the head of the beast -which in this case would be Washington D.C. That being said, it did help that they had Pennsylvania at the time to go to -which was practically its own State rather than a Colony."

You're arguing semantics..the bigger point is that they fought for their independence in an attempt to right the wrongs they saw which included fighting against some colonist while another part stood by and did nothing either way. That isn't unlike what is going on at this moment.. We are fighting the same fight, whole others fight against us and still more are apathetic.

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