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You keep saying I don't understand, but I do.

"The point that you miss is the interest is in not aligning the liberty movement with any particular faith"

You don't get to remove faith or religion from the debate, and I'm not planting my flag, but isn't that exactly what you're trying to do, attempting to align the LM with Atheism? I'm sick of it in our Government and I'm sick of it in the LM.

You don't get to do it any more than me, and I'm not telling Atheists to go away or shut up about their belief system. I'm doing exactly the opposite. I WANT ATHEISTS TO BE LIBERTARIANS, and they're free to talk about their belief system. I want them to try. I want them to claim everybody else is illogical and can't reason, that we worship the Easter Bunny, and then watch as their whole system of beliefs comes crashing down. That too serves liberty.

What am I trying to get accomplished; only ONE THING:

I'm letting you know that you're going to run into pitfalls when defending WHY you have a right to your liberty if you define yourself and everyone around you as soulless animals, especially when dealing with people who DON'T define themselves that way and KNOW they have dominion over all the animals.