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"So, if the inhabitants of

"So, if the inhabitants of New Hampshire don't want what the Free-Staters are selling, then the Free-Staters will 'force' them to accept it, because it is for their own good. Is that your position, because it certainly sounds like that is what you are saying."

for someone who has sucha hard time even UNDERASTANDING my position, you sure clainm to have found inconsistenceis in it a lot.

No No No, what you said above is NOT my posistion.

My position is that i am against all initiation of aggression and view all initiation of aggression as illigetimate. And that even if the majority of a certain arbitrary geographic area consents to aggression inposing it on the entirety is still aggression.

So you seem to think im "forcing non aggression" onto people? This isnt even a phrase that makes any conceptual sense.