Comment: Here is something we can agree on.

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Here is something we can agree on.

I think they should have conducted a massive, double blind study with at least 2 sample groups, vaccinated and non. The justification for not doing so is that it would be unethical to deliberately withold vaccinations from people. I understand their reasoning, but still disagree. They have tried this logic with water fluoridation, and I reject it outright.

But the the science supporting the efficacy of vaccines for certain pathogens is rock solid. When properly formulated, stored, and dosed they are as close topossibly perfectly safe as medicine hasas come up wih. They have studied a possible link between autism and vaccines over and over again. If there is something causing increased autism, it is not vaccines. The Wakefield study was flawed and it is time to move on and keep searching. There is no conspiracy. Physicians and scientists have autistic children, too. They aren't withholding from the public. Big Pharma is not some unified panel of evil doers. Tens to hundreds of thousands of people are involved.