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Piers is often rude and condescending towards those who politely disagree with him or challenge his facts. For example, look at the treatment Larry Pratt received.

Sometimes, logic and reason simply aren't enough to get through to people, that's when emotions come into the picture. Personally, I *hate* emotional rants from any angle, but they seem to sway more people than "just the facts".

Put it this way; you and I could get in front of a crowd and tell them about, oh let's say the Patriot Act. One of us tells the truth about it, the other simply screams about evil Muslim terrorists and 9/11 over and over, and eventually has the crowd chanting "USA! USA!" like an army of automatons. The last decade has shown us that the latter is far more effective at "molding" the average American than the former.

History shows that emotional rants and repeating mindless slogans are far more effective at "turning" people than calmly explaining the facts. From that perspective, I have no issue with AJ acting the way he did. I find it quite funny, actually.

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