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That quote of mine which you

That quote of mine which you started with was a joke in reference to what you guys are doing. That it is okay because you believe that you know better than the people already there what they want or should have.

See, the difference is, we are by law, right.

The law is whatever the New Hampshire Constitution and Government say it is. If outsiders wouldn't be interefering with their process would any of the residents of New Hampshire have been doing anything or complaining; not likely. Therefore you (The FSP) created a problem whereby Free-Staters move there explicitly to find problem with their laws and to change them. That is far different then people there realizing that laws are destructive and therby decide to eliminate and repeal the laws; that would be of their own volition, what you guys are doing is starting the problem and then saying that you are the answer to the problem. If nobody was having a problem with the laws then what gives you the right to interfere with their state?

If you were from out of State, then whatever draconian laws they had on the books in New Hampshire didn't effect you; so then it can be said that you went looking for trouble by moving there with the sole intent to change what you didn't like about a system which -before you moved there- didn't effect you.

Remeber the words of Bruce Lee, "If you push me, I'll push you back." When the residents of New Hampshire on a large scale realize what you guys are up to, there will be fireworks.

I remember The Free County Project which started -I beleive- before the FSP. The goal was the same, but to take over a county in Texas which only had 40 residents. When they(the residents) found out what was going on, boy. Lets just say that there is no Free County Project in Texas -well, at least not that one. That was only 40 people, which a bunch of libertarians couldn't take over. They began refusing to sell any land, and passed several laws. This was in Texas, wait til you get them Neocons and Progressives in New Hampshire going. I'm sure they will pass anti-freedom laws.

I wonder if this guy who started the FSP was part of the Free County Project?