Comment: We have been around here a very long time...

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We have been around here a very long time...

and I know you'll all agree with me that THIS "event" has caused more of a questioning attitude among the American people than any other false flag mass murder that we have witnessed.

I have never before seen so many Americans come out and not immediately buy into this ruse.

The "evil" that is behind the curtain of our government and seeks to enslave us by removing our rights has gone TOO far this time.

WE, as a people, aren't "buying" into the lies anymore.

It took 5 years of questioning, really, for the 911 faithful to make America understand that there was more to that story but we already see, just weeks after the sandy hoax "event", the lame street liars (anderson [son of gloria vanderbilt] cooper, for one) already doing damage control. We would expect no less from a cia asset, would we?

They ignore EVERYTHING we say, of course, and seek to ramrod executive orders upon us without hesitation.

DO NOT allow it!

FIGHT, Patriots.

The battle is raging now. Do not shrink from it. Expose the lies ANY way you can. At home, at work, in the grocery store, or here.

We are winning. Do not rest until rahm emmanuel or whatever the hell his name is and his cohorts...obama, biden, boehner, etc., are ALL in prison for treason!

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