Comment: Now he's trying to get this post removed.

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Now he's trying to get this post removed.

If you're innocent man, all you gotta do is say "prove it" - everyone should know you're dang guilty as heck including your SHILL buddies because they prob do the same thing... LOL @ you begging Micheal to come to your rescue by having the post removed.

All you got is character assassination... that's proof you're a shill as well as far as I'm concerned.

Those who have seen the proof agree. Now you're trying to figure out a way to cover your tracks by saying I CHANGED MY OWN TEXT lol. Well I gotta hand it to you. You got me there. I suppose I could have changed it as well so now we're just back to who can be trusted.

As far as that goes... you've lied on here multiple times and the email exchange proves at least that. As far as people trying to intimidate me into releasing our private conversation via putting it up on the web - keep fishing. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. I am a man of my word.

I invite anyone to point out one lie... anywhere that I said on here that isn't truthful. If I made a mistake I'm happy to correct it. If I haven't updated a post from last year... based on new information obviously that might be different... point is however I'm pretty sure I'm 100% in the clear in that department. FYI - If you're going to make an accusation make sure you can back it up with REFERENCES.

As far as not giving me your email... those who have given me their email will vouch for the fact that I don't abuse their emails nor have I attempted to solicit even one dime from them. As for Luna... the guy is an admitted troublemaker. He just likes to stir it up for the fun of it. He get's off on making others miserable. Class act.

Too bad most people don't have a shred of integrity. So if you don't like that I honor my word you might as well keep voting for these people that tell you what you wanna hear. Why don't you go petition the white house some more?

As for the Daily Paul in general... that's great that there's the freedom of speech here and almost nobody gets banned, however people that are here for no other reason than to cause trouble... ad hominem attacks.. character assassinations... desperate attempts to discredit people and nothing ever gets done about it... you can see I haven't been here all day long.

I'm weaning myself off of the Daily Paul. The people I can count on my own hand that actually give a crap about what I have to share have my skype and email... the rest don't really care for me around here anyway. I'm not going to stick around too much longer where I'm not wanted. For my part... I'm about to surrender the Daily Paul to the disrupter info-supressing shills. It's not my website so it's not my place to make any demands... just suggestions... then I can choose - in what's left of the free market... to take my information elsewhere.

As far as the mere handful of people on here that are the NO COMPROMISE constitutionalists... you can pick them out by watching how many of these SHILL are all over them like flies on chit. Then while they are asserting ALL of their rights about the only right others know how to assert is their right to remain silent. Instead of sitting there watching them combat sometimes a dozen trolls at a time all by themselves you should think about piping up and defending them... because those are the last REAL leaders left around here. One by one... we will probably all split eventually because nobody sticks their neck out to defend us... making us think you don't want us to stick around.

Most of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence lost their lives, limbs and their fortunes. The founders of this country weren't very popular either so I guess those of us who attract a hailstorm of attacks are in pretty good company.

Dunno if this is my last post or not... but it sure feels like it.