Comment: Real parents of the lost children...

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Real parents of the lost children...

of Sandy Hook are being brought forward today to call for gun bans and the distillation of our second amendment.

My heart truly goes out to them.

Yes, there were "real" victims here and we see that today. It makes me all the more MAD AS HELL that this hoax was perpetrated.

The actors from before were staged but these people today seem real.

It would take this fair amount of time (weeks, one month) for a true parent of a lost child to come forward to speak at all.

The forces that caused this tradgedy can go straight to hell and I would love to send them there.

Be aware, America.

Their children were murdered but Adam Lanza didn't do it alone.

Think straight and do NOT sacrifice FREEDOM for security.

If the police take 20 minutes to get to a crime scene like this we need another form of protection. We need to be able to protect ourselves not just from criminals but from tyranny. Also, do you think the 20 minute delay was in any way connected to the "DRILL" they were conducting at the same time? just askin'

Or else we will relive hitler's germany, stalin's russia, or mao's china right here in the USA.

You can't EVEN imagine how many men, women, and children will die then.

Sandy Hook will be nothing more than a blip on the screen if we give up our 2nd amendment.

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