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Comment: Yikes! I hate this topic......however,

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Yikes! I hate this topic......however,

I have learned that a person who truly wants to end their life on this planet is going to do it no matter what. They are not the ones who tell others about their plans in the hope that they will be stopped or the ones who do just enough to injure themselves to get attention but not die.
I have had several depressing episodes in my own life where I thought that it would be better to be dead than alive. Luckily for me, I managed to ride that wave until I reached the shore and that is where the thoughts ended. Suicide is really a cop-out. I liken it to joining a convent or entering the priesthood. (How nice to not ever have to worry about housing or food or jobs or kids or spouses.)
My mother in law was in the beginning stages of dementia when she died. She was an RN and knew exactly what to expect in her future. I wonder to this day if she did not have connections in the "industry" who helped her to go.
What I am trying to say here is that it should be solely up to the individual. No one should have the right to make that choice for you. If you think that is the way you would want to leave then you should talk to your family before you become incapacitated. We all have to stand before our Maker some day. You can't have a proxy for that. That being said, keeping a person alive on a ventilator or other means instead of letting them die naturally is just plain cruel. It serves no one except the survivors and that is selfish.

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