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DallasGoldBug aka wellaware1 aka Ed Chiarini, Jr. aka RichardBDawson's bizarre claims:

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is really Canadian "We are Change" activist Dan Dicks
Lt. Colonel John Nagel is really Jimmy Fallon
Joe Biden spokesman Jay Carney is really Kevin Bacon
Shimon Peres AND Rupert Murdoch are both really Charlton Heston
Rupert Murdoch pretends to look like Michael McKean to throw us off
actors John Ritter and Michael McKean are actually the same person
the president of Argentina Christian Fernandez de Kirchner is really Donnatella Versace
Pope Benedict is really the actor Robert Blake
Pope John Paul II AND Harvard professor Donald W. Parry were/are both actually the Dallas Cowboy football coach Tom Landry
The OJ Simpson cop Mark Fuhrman is really Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman
Alex Jones is really Beau Bridges
Buzz Aldrin is really Kirk Douglas

DallasGoldBug makes all these accusations in a compilation video supposedly in appreciation to people who donate to his work (the govt?) --->!

DallasGoldBug makes videos of senseless gun tragedies and murders of children such as Casey Anthony that look super serious and very compelling. Then every once in a while he comes out with totally bizarre ones that are super obvious absurd jokes like the list above and claims like Morgan Freeman is actually Jimi Hendrix.

DallasGoldBug is either a government operative meant to confuse and create doubt in those who question the shootings of recent years or he is just a semi-slick prankster. Either way don't fall for it. He is another Sorcha Faal...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~