Comment: What is 9/11 realist?

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What is 9/11 realist?

Do you think those two planes alone brought those buildings down? I myself find it much easier to believe that 9/11 was more than reported than Sandy Hook was. With Sandy Hook, and this may change in time, there seems to be more speculation based on a lack of available evidence than anything else. "Where were the kids that were evacuated, why don't those parents look like they are grieving, why haven't we seen pictures of bullet holes, Lanza looks photoshopped,etc." These are all valid questions and worth asking, but at least in my mind all questions that could be reasonably explained. It is important to search for the truth and form your own opinions because the MSM is a proganda machine, but I'm still in the skeptic column on this one. I can't, however, explain the physics of how 3 steel buildings collapsed from fire and fell with little to no resistance from the structure below.