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Comment: But this is exactly what

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But this is exactly what

But this is exactly what happens when you base your life around "faith" instead of fact.

Its a race to the bottom, and there will always be George Bushes out there to bring in the idiots by appealing to their faith.

Religeon is a contest between who is the better fear-monger and salesmen. It is a product that is sold only by the aptitude of the salesman and not by the "reason" of the customer.

Elites love religeon because so very very few religeous people have the "reason" neccessary to avoid their trap and be led into "holy crusade" against the enemies of god. They follow their Neocon masters whole heartedly as their drones rip children apart.

I had a guy at my house who believed the war in the middle east was God's will. When I asked about the innocent children, he interupted me and said: "They aren't innocent."

Fucking religeon. THIS is what religeon produces. Those of you who are exceptions to this don't make up for it. Too much evil, and not NEARLY enough good come from this twisted collectivist cult.