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Yes, a bunch of bs.

It sounds cool. Vaccines are designed to create antigens in the body.

There is no clinical proof that having antigens significantly reduces infectious illness overall.

Unintended consequences. To create antigens for a particular disease weakens the immune system overall.

Vaccines overstimulate the brain's immune response which is separate from the bodies. This over-stimulation causes the brain to activate its immune response, sometimes for up to twenty years. Schizophrenia is one suspected result.

Many have experienced the brain fog during an infection. Post infection, normally the brain's immune system goes into repair mode with powerful repair agents and the fog lifts. Yay!

Russel Blaylock investigates the neuroscience of these reactions. How they normally work and how the vaccine ingredients improperly stimulate an immune system potentially leaving it on in the brain. The brain never heals itself from the damage it caused while over-stimulated. That is bad.

Ninety percent of Americans are deficient in the trace minerals needed to build killer cells. Vaccines can use up any existing supplies with producing antigens it may never need.

From my bodies point of view, there are unintended consequences and malinvestments.

As for me I just pinch my nose with a couple of drops of betadine, and inhale the iodine vapors, whenever I visit crowds or get a scratchy throat.

I treat wounds and insect bites the same way.

I use sea salt, eat kelp.

I add concentrated Great Salt lake water to my drinking water.

All these have all 60 trace mineral that healthy humans need for long life.

For example, the Spring in Lourdes France has high levels of then mineral germanium. How did that little girl know that people would come and find peace?

Iodine cures goiter. Nothing reduces the risk of breast or gland cancers more than iodine sufficiency.

Michigan soils are deficient in iodine and selenium. Goiter, deaths from epidemics are our written history. Cataracts, Cancers and common heart attacks from selenium deficiencies are common. (I have a big family extended family.)

There are 57 other minerals. Deficiency causes disease as opposed to an infection caused illness.
Copper is need to add color to hair.
Calcium is needed to lower blood pressure.
Chromium and Vanadium to battle diabetes. Chromium produces glucose tolerance factor. Vanadium substitutes for insulin preventing hypoglycemia.

The reference I have is dated 1994 referencing to peer-reviewed scientific papers. Veterinarians have know these things for 50 year before that. There is no "free health care". Cows can't vote. Herdsmen first cure any mineral deficiency or toxicities, if the can, before they call the vet. He protects his wealth and stays competitive. His competitors will keep greed and risk balanced.

It's said, God took a lump of clay and inspired him. Does the clay symbolize mineral rich soil? Later we are reminded, "Remember man you are dust and unto dust you shall return." Only the minerals remain. Sixty need constant replenishment.

Run out of minerals and the body ages and illness strikes.

Know someone who has lived a long time? They had to replenish their sixty mineral for a lifetime. Where did they live, how did they eat? Where did they get all the minerals to last so long.

Traveling salesmen or performers sample foods from many regions.

Seafood has long been used as a source of minerals.

Some families replenished their soil with wood ashes or plant mulch.

What's the story we are not hearing?

Free includes debt-free!