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If you stopped at 400 years ago, I commend you.

I studied it deeper than that, and finally woke up one day and realized the ridiculousness of assuming some BS Treaty/Contract/Ownership of Human Capital signed 6,000 years ago by some jackass I don't even know, has absolutely nothing to do with me.

The reason I focus on the bankruptcy is because it is ALIVE and well today and easily provable in a court of law, and it effects us more so than 16th century hair splitting over a dead King who's no longer around to make his case. We have Federal Reserve Notes in our pocket right now; that's the proof of the Bankruptcy; that's admissible and understandable.

That is their claim; I am not party to it; I did not sign it; I did not witness it, and I did not agree to it.

That includes the US Constitution. I have God Given-Inherent Birth Rights and no man can take that from me, and no Treaty signed by his Royal Majesty governs me, unless my signature is on that contract and I have agreed to it's terms and conditions.

There were no signature on the Constitution; only Witnesses ........ and ...... I wasn't even born at that time.

Now to the meat and potatoes:

The registration of the automobile grants ownership to the state; it's a state asset under the bankruptcy; it's state owned property, and if that's the stance they insist on taking; fine. Since it's state owned property and I'm holding the title as the authorized driver of said property, then I must be a state employee who's entitled to be paid for driving a state owned vehicle.

I can find this in the codes for you if I must, but it's a pain in the ass to dig it all up. They MUST pay you to drive the vehicle; they MUST pay all maintenance and repair; they MUST pay the purchase price of the vehicle; they MUST pay the fuel and Insurance as well as a salary to the state employee who the vehicle is issued to.

Now, when you bring this little inconvenient FACT up in court, stating the obvious because of the bankruptcy, how fast do you think the case disappears?

They have two options:

1. Pay me my back pay and vehicle cost and maintenance of $150.000.00


2. Make the $200.00 traffic ticket disappear


There's not an IRS agent alive today; a State prosecutor or Administrator who would ever bring up the fact we are all somehow slaves because of a foreign Treaty/Law/Act, because none of them are even aware of it, and it really has nothing to do with the Individual who was not party to it.

Do you really think an IRS agent is going to stand in front of a courtroom full of people and bring up some 16th Century jargon that justifies his/her action against you?

"Your Honor, under the Treaty of King George III, JOHN P. DOE is considered to be a slave and liable for the tax, as signed and dated July 17, 1473"

Probably not gonna happen, and if it did, I'm sure the judge would have him shot on sight.

US citizens are not the debtors; they are the creditors. Our signatures create the Federal Reserve Notes. The National Debt is owed to us by the foreign corporation. They are to collect taxes from their employees to pay us for using our natural resources while they are here doing business on this land mass.

No one owns me; and no one owns you. I signed no such contract that gave up ownership of myself and sure as hell didn't sign one that said I agreed to work for free, and they have no such contract they can enter into evidence as Exhibit A.

Really not trying to argue with you here; I know you're an intelligent being and a lot of the things you've shared are spot on, and I agree with.

But, if you are not receiving pay for occupying the office they've created (Certificate of Live Birth) and are not performing some function of gov't through that office or Title, and they have no payroll records or employment contracts that state such, then there statutory rules and tax codes do not apply to.

There is no Magic Fairy Control Dust of a Treaty or Act that enslaves 350 Million people and subjects them to extortion fees of 30% of their pay.

The only chains binding them is between their ears.