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"That quote of mine which you started with was a joke in

reference to what you guys are doing."

I knew what you meant, of course it was obvious that you were either setting a "trap" or you said it in jest.

"That it is okay because you believe that you know better than the people already there what they want or should have."

Of course I do or I wouldn't even discuss my ideas with a neocon. I would have to think "my ideas" really the Founding Fathers ideas are best. That's what gives me the motivation to see it happen. That's how things work.

"The law is whatever the New Hampshire Constitution and Government say it is."

The law is what the "people" say it is and that includes the 20,000 new residents. :)

"If outsiders wouldn't be interefering with their process would any of the residents of New Hampshire have been doing anything or complaining; not likely."

Your logic fails here.. Of course there would most likely be people complaining.. Do you think there are no NH people unhappy that they see Liberty being pushed aside? You know better than that.

Most of the rest of that worked off of your assumption so I'll pass on commenting. That falls under one of those personal guidelines I use that I mentioned earlier.

As for the last part (your story).. I have no doubt that there instances where things didn't go to plan but there are also instances where they did.. Take this last election.. we may not have won every seat we went after nor kept all of them but we did keep some and in NH.. we didn't gain many more seats but we did keep the ones we had and we're getting things passed.. decriminalization was a step in the right direction. We got shut down on legalization 200? (think it was 224) to 86, which is better than previous years I believe.

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