Comment: Even more DallasGoldBug loopiness...

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Even more DallasGoldBug loopiness...

Kermit Roosevelt, Walt Disney and Hitler were all the same person
JP Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt were the same person
Robert Taft was actually Teddy's dead brother
Joseph Kennedy was really Teddy's brother Quentin Roosevelt who faked an airplane death so they could make money on alcohol sales
Margaret Thatcher was actually Rosemary Kennedy
Eva Braun (Hitler's girlfriend) was really Teddy Roosevelts daughter Edith who also later become Jimmy Carter's mother!
Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn are really secretly JFK and his wife Jackie! :D
Ted Kennedy is actually actor Brian Dennehy
the President of Australia is really Jody Foster
RT reporter Daniel Bushell is really Prince William

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