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"US citizens are not the

"US citizens are not the debtors; they are the creditors. Our signatures create the Federal Reserve Notes. The National Debt is owed to us by the foreign corporation. They are to collect taxes from their employees to pay us for using our natural resources while they are here doing business on this land mass."

If you were saying the same thing about people born on US soil but NOT US citizens, then I would agree that such individuals MAY have a case. But the US citizen is a PART OF, INCORPORATED WITH, the foreign corporation. ALL US citizens are PART OF THE US, they ARE the body politic of the Government. Just as there is a "body of Christ", which is his congregation, so too there is a "body of the United States" which is ITS congregation, its CITIZENS.

You had ZERO rights at your birth. In order to have rights you must be sovereign. In order to be sovereign you must be able to take care of yourself and defend yourself. You were born as property of your parents, DEPEND upon them.

Qui tacet consentiret. Your silence on the matter IS your signature. Your silence IS you agreement to its terms and conditions.

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