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Comment: I'll take the inverse

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I'll take the inverse

As to your right to terminate your own life, that is between you and God.

I know ABSOLUTELY that for me to forbid you from or assist you in the taking of your own life MAKES ME GOD, and asserts that I have some sort of purview or ownership over your life. I posit that a "libertarian perspective" would most probably assert this same. So much for ideology.

I'll generally default to stopping a suicide in a moment based on the doctrine of "presumed consent" which might easily include that you basically aren't in your right mind AT THAT MOMENT. This doctrine generally holds where we identify a TREATABLE ILLNESS in the person such as paranoid delusional states which we can in fact treat with medication these days. I've seen some pretty dramatic recoveries and these persons report (and truly look like) they are happy or much happier than when symptomatic.

That can be argued down to the level not of right or wrong but in most cases having done somebody a MAJOR FAVOUR. By which we understand that just being a nice guy isn't always strictly ETHICAL.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.