Comment: Approach to the Anti - Violent

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Approach to the Anti - Violent

I see nothing wrong in wanting a gun-free world as long as everyone agrees that it needs to be violence-free, first.

So as long as the goal is peace and harmony, we ought to be able to work together, as most sane people want peace, including Miss Congeniality.

The discussion should be about what to do in the meantime, including whether or not little old ladies and paraplegics should be limited to using baseball bats when attacked by linebackers on steroids, or whether it is more fair to let people have guns until linebackers on steroids no longer lose their tempers.

Same with dictators on steroids. Until dictators are no longer a danger to society, we ought to remain able to defend ourselves and others to prevent genocides, etc. Maybe we ought to arm small nations with nuclear weapons, as well, as the same principle applies.

What do you think?