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I really do think it is an effective thing we can do to continue waking people up. Just one creative comment might change eomeone's mind or open their eyes. Especially if it is at the most popular.

I really have no idea how I managed to manipulate them like I did last year. Don't think I could do it again. But had just come off of a major warcraft addiction and working three front page articles at once, just throwing in a few comments and thumbs up/down other comments as well, was able to make the first three pages of most popular on every front page article all in favor of Paul. It was hours on end of complete focus to do that, sort of like raiding the black temple lol. Seriously, they removed the comment section for some days after the comments there had gone completely in favor of I said....after a few weeks, people were doing it themselves, I didn't even have to manipulate anymore, just join in the commenting now and then...was so proud to see everyone's opinion had changed...That's about when I found the DailyPaul.

Am just saying it can be done, especially if we put an effort together such as the establishment does with their paid shills.