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Federal Reserve Member of Companies.

Bankers want us disarmed before they send in the repo men.

Congress put us $16.2 Trillion (10 billion ounces of gold).

Where are we the people going to come up with 120 thousand tons of gold?

We have spent some $4 Trillion on the wars this decade.

If it costs them $4 Trillion to collect 16.2 Trillion. Would you spend 4 ounces of gold to recover 16 ounces? 12 ounces is better than nothing. The wars will stimulate their economies.

Bernancke is selling new loans to Congress. While Congress is threatening default leaving us on the hook though the 14th Amendment. Congress never misses a chance to throw the people under the bus. Don't expect the military to be issued orders to help us.

None of these Congressional clowns can claim to represent a majority of eligible voters. They had better stop clowning around.

Ron Paul proposed a real start towards fixing our debt problem.

When we are out of debt, then it will be a free country again.

Free includes debt-free!