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I disagree

That we're a way looooong way off from that kind of tyranny. The hammer can come down pretty quickly when everything falls into place. In the early 30's, Germany was as modern and happening and liberal as the US. And it took a turn for the worse in a few short years.

I find it pointless to argue about whether Jones helped or hurt gun owners. It is an irrational argument. No one can know what is in others' minds, let alone be able to aggregate those opinions.

The truth is a mystery. The truth is we don't know. Therefore, the most rational thing to do is to pick out the positive and good parts about what happened, and focus and build on those. And in that way you are lifted higher.

To focus on only the negative points, that is irrational. It makes you feel bad. It makes you feel, "Golly gosh, what a wasted opportunity." Those are feelings of lack. It is impossible to build with that feeling of lack.

I personally liked his interview. I chose to like it. It happened, it can't be changed. It is illogical to dislike something in the past. And to say, "I can't help it," is to say, "I don't have control over myself," and if one says that, how is liberty ever possible?

Alex brought a lot of attention to the issue. It was highly entertaining. And it energized a lot of his followers.

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