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Please explain this. NIST admitted Bldg 7 fell at free fall speeds for at least 2 seconds. I'll post the link if you have not seen it. Even a NIST official, and every engineer in the world, will tell you that by the laws of physics free fall can only occur in the absence of structural support. That is, a structure, be it steel, wood, or spaghetti noodles will provide some resitance to the load above resulting in a greater than free fall collapse speed. So since they admitted it fell at free fall it must be true then that there was no structural support at the time. This would mean that there could be only two ways this bldg came down. Either the structure was demolished or the fire melted every single column at the exact same moment causing simultaneous failure of the structural system. Fires do not behave this way. Fires always cause a progressive failure.