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Comment: Ok, I take back my snarky comment

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Ok, I take back my snarky comment

I actually just watched the video.

Glenn Beck, he's an interesting one. Things must not have been working too well at the Blaze. You don't change directions if its working, do you?

This thing he's trying to build - it isn't really Galt's Gulch. It is more like Dubai on American soil.

It is a pretty slick idea, if he can pull it off: He will essentially own the people in that city. Imagine if Beck can pull it off, and grow that into a metropolis. Instead of playing regular monopoly, he just bought the whole board!

He does have some interesting ideas. But he did seem loopy. I've got a stoner friend who has big ambitions like that, and he tells you about them when he gets stoned... This kind of reminded me of that. I wonder what will ever come of it. It won't be easy to get built.

This will be an interesting development to keep an eye on.

See - all news is entertainment.