Comment: Schitt!@ ..... I didn't mean citizens, that was a rush typo.

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Schitt!@ ..... I didn't mean citizens, that was a rush typo.

I meant American's; non-foreigners-non-corporate entities are the creditors; you are correct in correcting me, but it was an honest mistake, nonetheless, it needs to be corrected, so Thank You :)

Yes, at birth the living has no sovereign Rights; the parents sign their part of the Commonwealth over to the corporation to hold in Trust. At the time such Child reaches legal age and able to contract, the parents are out of the picture, and the Child is now the beneficiary/administrator/director of the legal person estate, and gov't is the trustee, unless you let the judge run with their presumption that they are the administrator and the state is the beneficiary, which leaves you wearing the hat of trustee.

You the living man are now the Grantor and Beneficiary, Administrator and Director of the trust/estate. You own 100% equity in the legal person; you are the Grantor ..... period!

Can they prove I'm not? My presumption is that I am; can they rebut it? My presumption is the Judge/Administrator is the Trustee, can he/she rebut that claim?

No they can not, because they are public servants ... aka ... public trustees.

Do they want to fight codes or trusts/estates? .... Matter not the least if you know what you're doing.