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What is it that NIST admits? They admit that one corner of the exterior of the building came down at freefall for 2.2 seconds. This is not the same as saying the whole building came down at freefall.

Most videos show only the shots that show the exterior of the building coming down. They crop out the collapse of the east penthouse which clearly shows the interior of the structure collapsing long before the exterior wall. Watch the whole collapse for yourself and observe the windows breaking under the collapsing east penthouse.

This more complete video closely aligns with the NIST model of collapse. The video below shows NISTS modeling of the interior collapse of the building. (not the exterior wall as it is often claimed) Their model actually explains what happened very well.

So to summarize, yes part of the building came down at freefall for 2.2 seconds because the structure under it had been removed over the preceding 12 seconds. it is not "either it was demolished or fire melted every single column at the exact same moment." That is just not an accurate assessment of the possibilities.