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Today -A couple of hard boiled

-A couple of hard boiled eggs, a could of couple spoons of coconut oil (Rx from cardiac surgeon. He never wants to see me.)

-Buttered toast(3). Rule here is butter must weigh more than bread.
-50 grams of dark chocolate (half bar)
-Glass of Raw chocolate 2% milk-wife preference. Scant tablespoon raw chocolate powder, 2 teaspoons sugar.
-Apple and walnuts a closed but bulgin' handful.
-15 oz of store carrot juice.
-A cheese stick.
-A couple grams of seaweed sheets. In broth is good.
-A plate of salad.

Half a pound of grass fed butter a week. Butter on little bread, butter on asparagus, butter on cauliflower, buttered spinach.

Or better, Spinach with bacon crumbles, drippings and cheese.

Liver pate is on deck and bacon. Yesterday was beef with sour cream and mushrooms.

Daily dose of 60 trace minerals
Multivitamin. When I need it's available,. If it's not it's safely eliminated. Cheap insurance.

At 150 pounds, I work to get 150g of complete protein, 220 grams of fat for fuel and less that 100g of carbs to keep things interesting.

Do you know Grok?

Free includes debt-free!