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Understand that the "conspiracy theorist" is a red herring meant to discredit extreme ideas when the presented evidence is undesirable. There is no theory when the facts substantiate the activity that is called conspiracy. A conspiracy is a real thing and the facts lead only to one conclusion.

Presidents have warned us of a conspiracy. (JFK, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower)

Gravitational physics acting on falling bodies in the Earth's field cannot be discredited. The WTCs were demolished.

Rain, wind and food samples show a host of known toxins in them with what can only be a sinister goal in mind. (Fluoride water, aluminum air, and unhealthy and sometimes toxic food.)

Evidence of a conspiracy is what matters. All those who do not know the evidence of the world we live in has not done enough personal investigation. The truth is real and it hurts sometimes. Wake everyone up so that we do not all have to suffer the horrendous consequences of letting the conspirators get their way.