Comment: Let Me Put This Really Simply...

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Let Me Put This Really Simply...

F-u-c-k Him.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and belief, even the government co-opted churches that are used to spew defeatism and concession to government edicts and plans.

Mine is for him and his defeatist, 'live to fight another day' bullshite to go and pound prodigious amounts of coarse sand up his ass.

What the hell is wrong with people? The day that government comes in force, with anti-constitution ill intent to confiscate firearms, is the day that those firearms need to be used against tyranny.

It is just...that...simple.

To suggest that one should simply give them up and that one could then re-obtain firearms after this totalitarian event and somehow be in a better position to fight tyranny, is beyond logic.

If such a move by government actually occurred, the totalitarian-cat would be out of the bag and the hot-war would be on. The time to use 'Liberty's Teeth' would be at that time, not some fantasy future-uprising that would occur AFTER people like him gave up their firearms and foolishly believed they could dig some up and do what they should have done when the chance presented.

Sheer idiocy, as I see it and as such it is rejected by El-Tee, due to ill conceived or deliberate stupid-defeatism.