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my take

there were 2 weapons that looked like rifles found. they reported this pretty soon after the incident. people here did not believe i saw them talk about it but another poster posted the news report. apparently one rifle was an ar-15 that he had on him but was not reported at first and the other rifle in the car was a saige combat type shotgun that looks like an ar or ak cross and holds a mag.

i don't believe it was the same girl in the photo but if someone will post it again i'll take another look. more disturbing is the emotional state of a lot of the people involved. they did not seem to be grieving in the same way that i would. when my 10+ year old dog died i could hardly speak about it for weeks. all these smiling people doing interviews and posing with the pres for pics was weird to me.

as far as the ambulance thing goes i can't say because all i have seen was the aftermath when it was chaos. maybe the ambulances already came and went by the time the news chopper got there. if anyone has other video of the scene early on post it and i'll take a look.

as far as the 911 stuff i don't think there are a lot of people who believe in a sandy hook conspiracy that don't believe in a 9-11 conspiracy. i'm guessing "most" people who believe in the SH conspiracy also believe in the 9-11 ones too.

as far as the actors and look alike stuff i don't buy that or most of the real wacky stuff that's been put out. many of the ct's that were posted early on have been debunked.

there is definitely a lot of unanswered questions and they should release the surveillance video footage asap.

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