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"Why are so many here concerned over what others post, when they contribute little or nothing themselves?"

What empirical basis do you have for correlating "those concerned over what others post" with those who "contribute little or nothing"? Do people who don't generally care about what others post contribute more on average? How did you quantitatively measure this?

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"Why do so many concern themselves with looking "Kooky" to others- at thi point?
KOOKY? Strange choice of word, I think."

Perhaps it's just me, but I find that people going into fits of rage and cursing and personal attacks and loud declarations of breaking off social contact to be quite unhinged. Psychologists term it as "antisocial disorder" and "sociopathy" and prompts them to consider prescribing mood altering medications. Most people make efforts to avoid encounters with such persons.

"Kooky" is a colloquial form of "unhinged".

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"Many seem to be trying to control where the DP is headed."

The "I hate everybody and i'm leaving!" posts nearly always break rules #1, 5 and 7 of Daily Paul's behavior guidelines.

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