Comment: My simple rule.

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My simple rule.

People are innocent until proven guilty.

Government is guilty until proven innocent. Governments have killed 200 million this decade?

Rules of evidence are a good guide. What could stand up in court or what will fail.

News stories are produced to provide an apparent motive and opportunity.

The crazy kid with a gun showed up at school we are told.

A crazed (motive) man was arrested on the scene(opportunity) killed a Federal Judge and injured a Representative.

For 911, the "rumblings" out of NYC never seem to support the official story. That and the fact that their were bullets but no guns. No evidence of commercial airliners were ever found at the crime scene or vicinity. We had hijackers but no airliners?

The pancake theory of collapse. One hundred and two floors of 4" concrete on a metal deck. None of the photos showed a three story tall stack of pancakes. What pulverized the concrete and plasterboard and spread the dust over lower Manhattan?

Every criminal investigator has to consider a conspiracy.

Conspirators accidentally brought down Enron, and so got caught.

Records of that investigation where destroyed when Building 7 collapse
destroyed the offices of the SEC along with others. Lucky day?

I am not a 911 anything. The facts will tell the story if they are ever uncovered.

Why this is a bid deal is if Government was involved, we have a problem.

If not we have a madman or a private conspiracy undetected. Either is a problem.

Have doubts, but provide evidence or sound logical conclusions.

That's what I try to do.

Free includes debt-free!