Comment: Question Everything & Don't Believe Everything You Read

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Question Everything & Don't Believe Everything You Read

"Conspiracy theory" is a term that was invented by those in power to simply ridicule and dismiss those who question (authority if you will). There's NOTHING wrong with questioning, specially when coming from the government and an agenda seems to be tied to it. There is EVERYTHING wrong when blindly believing everything you are told.

Unfortunately for many, one of the possible "side effects" of one "waking up" tends to go from being a skeptic about "conspiracy" theories, and to transforming into a skeptic of not believing anything that comes from the government/msm anymore.

For example:
AFTER a tragedy/massacre:

Usual thought BEFORE personal change: "What will the crazy conspiracy theorists drum up this time."

Usual thought AFTER personal change: "False Flag incident"

The trick is not to go "BLINDLY" to either extreme.