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Comment: As Americans, We are Obligated to Defend

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As Americans, We are Obligated to Defend

We are obligated to defend our constitution. So far, we watch it get systematically dismantled by what is in my opinion, a vile, evil corrupt network that has infiltrated nearly all aspects of our society; whom have in a very learned fashion used all forms of media to fully manipulate public perception. As Kennedy put it, "surrounded by a monolithic conspiracy". Unfortunately, there is no justice, the corruption reaches to the highest levels of our court systems and governing bodies. It seems like there is nothing we can do.

You can file a lawsuit with all the facts spelled out showing who these crooks are and what their crimes are....The controlled media will make sure that no word of such lawsuit is aired to the public; if word does spread, they will run dis info to discredit it. Meanwhile corrupt judges will quietly dismiss the case and seal the reacord from public view.

Maybe the gun grab effort (which in my eyes signifies desperation for the bad guys, wanting to disarm the good guys before the good guys realize the bad guys are robbing and raping them) will promt a more physical means of uprooting the evil and corruption from our republic. In which case.....I know most hunters use high powered rifles that can nail a target 200 plus yards out....and there are millions upon millions of hunters nationwide. A good part of the military too would revolt and turn on the crooks if they declare war on the citizens. Anyway you look at it, I believe time is short for the elite ruling class...they are not the elite ruling class of 50 years ago, this new generation of crooked politicians and bankers are too greedy, too sloppy and a good percentage of the American people are opening their eyes to all the evils of those who are paraded on the state run news as heros and leaders.