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Have to completely agree with

Have to completely agree with you on all points. Besides AJ is an individual with his own opinions. When did this spokesman mentality about the freedom movement come about? Why do people think we have an image to tarnish? One of the coolest things about our movement has been the individuality, the spontaneity, the decentralization of everything and everyone in it. That is what has made it such a powerful force. So what if AJ spouts off his opinions and gets some airtime on national news about issues most people have never heard of? What if there were suddently 20 and then 100 people out there doing similar and different things that brought attention to important matters. It would all be good and because we are a decentralized movement, how can our reputation be tarnished or associated with any one individual? Lets not be slowed down and divided by such worries. Just keep on talking about freedom and the danger of tyranny so others can hear about it and investigate. The reason advertising works is spaced repetition. If people hear about these topics a few times from various sources they might look into them.