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What do liars say?

I don't lie.

I sat in shark n vince chat for over two hours. Even gave you top billing. You were a no-show. I know you don't wanna have to deal with me in real time. It's much easier to lie in a post isn't it? Olive branch my arse.

You're lucky man. I should have let you chat with me a bit longer after I noticed what you were doing. In hindsight... I could have waited till you put something REALLY incriminating in there and the SHEEP would have had to pick their heads up from grazing on Piers Morgan and Alex Jones.

You and I both know what happened. A few others do too. Epic fail on my part. You win man! I'm right but you still win because the sheeple are completely oblivious. Point proven. Lead them on to the slaughter - there's obviously nothing I can do to stop it.

"Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today."