Comment: I am a retired miliatary veteran.

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I am a retired miliatary veteran.

I was stationed in South Korea, during the "Pueblo Incident" in 1968. People forget how close we came to an invasion from North Korea. North Korean commandos actually penetrated the grounds of the residence of the South Korean president; and, when North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, they killed every American military member at my base.

I also served in the U.S. Navy and was nearly killed multiple times in three and a half years due to everything from a collision with another U.S. warship, two near collisions with a Soviet warship, a near capsize in a storm, a fire, a near explosion in a compartment, nearly lost at sea during a refueling and several miscellaneous shipboard accidents. I also served on shore patrol in some of the scuzziest seaports in Southwest Europe, armed with only a "Billy Club" and no defensive training. To summarize the ship's mission statement: "Survive in open combat for 12 minutes."

Later, I joined the Air National Guard, and a member of a Combat Communications Unit. To summarize our mission statement: "Survive at least 72 hour or until help arrives."

I did not do all this to EVER live under the rule of tyrants.