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Comment: PromiseKept you are falling for the "natural fallacy"

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PromiseKept you are falling for the "natural fallacy"

There is no natural immune system. There is your innate immune system and adaptive immune system, but this has nothing to do with "natural."

For the vast majority of chemicals, including the preservative ethyl mercury, there is a dose-response curve, and the micrograms use was an order of magnitude below what the body safely can metabolize. You get more mercury in the background environment than you do from vaccines. You are the one not being objective. You are starting with the logical fallacy that "natural is good, unnatural is bad" but isn't rooted in any science.

Also, what are you talking about with labeling? The ingredients are labeled. A given physician might not be aware of the exact ingredients in a vaccine and be aware of every article ever written, but there are layers and layers of safety panels, both market and government. They have been used safely for DECADES.

Please read some of the article by Paul Offit.

Also, if you want a dangerous chemical to be afraid of, choose LEAD. Lead is far more dangerous than mercury, has been known for decades to cause neurological disorders, and it doesn't have a dose-response curve like mercury.