Comment: This is exactly the crap I'm talking about.

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This is exactly the crap I'm talking about.

You refuse to accept anything I argue because you believe a scientific and logical fallacy from the get-go, the natural fallacy.

"I know drugs are bad so anything Delysid says is invalid."

I have been patiently trying to explain the fundamentals of medicine to people here, and it is usually in vain. "He won't reply factually, he is a sheep, blah blah blah."

If a natural themed blog is posted, it is celebrated, if I post a counter-blog it is invalid. If I post a published journal, I'm just a shill for Big Pharma. If an alternative medicine advocate posts something they just want to help humanity, if I give my medical opinion and defend mainstream medicine I just want to harm children.

There is no debating with many naturopaths. They refuse to accept science, they refuse to accept that mainstream physicians also strongly support medical ethics.