Comment: This was murder, imho.

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This was murder, imho.

Frankly, i dont think this was a "euthanasia" as much as a murder.

The most obvious reason is that there was no obstacle (at least none reported) to these guys killing themselves if they wished. There is no reason they couldnt have been hooked up to a machine and theb push the button to inject the meds. Therefore i see no reason why, other than hooking them up to a suicide machine, anyone else was involved.

The other problem is that counseling wasnt mentioned; perhaps that is just bad reporting but if they recieved none that is very troubling. So now doctors are gonna kill (not help with suicide where the final act is up to the person, mind you, but actually KILL) people who fear the future (which is really all these guys did) without even giving counseling? How do they know the pts werent manipulated? Maybe their parents made them feel a burden already and told them theyd be more so when blind? Were any of their fears even attempted to be dealt with?

A doctor can, in my book, ise euthanasia to end untreatable suffering if the pt wants it. I have no problem with that. But if a person can decide to die and can push a button then the doctor's role should end at hooking uo a machine.
Its the final act that makes the difference. Its like the guy on a ledge threatening to jump...HE has to jump on his own. Pushing him is murder. Until he jumps, he can change his mind and that choice must be his.

I wont even try and justify killing disabled kids if parents "agree". I will simply say this: once the state offers an "alternative" to chronic care, you can bet they will use all their coersive powers to rid themselves of as many disabled people as possible. Im not saying that is the aim of supprters of the bill mentioned, but it that will be the consequence.

As for this being a test of one's libertarian bona fides: state sponsored murder by doctors is definitely an issue but libertarians shoukd be against it.

Put simply: if a person can demand the state kill them, why cant they demand it feed them or do anything else? These guys shoukdve killed themselves with help, not hwve someone else kill them. If they were too scared to push a button, they shouldnt heve died.