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Fully Agreed TonyM

Levin is a con artist and is trying to co-opt the message. He pretends he's a constitutionalist but then constantly says the word "they" as if all of this country's problems are caused by "the left". Meanwhile "the right" don't really stand on the principles that they're supposed to stand for. That's why Dubya pushed through the Patriot Act (I wonder what Levin thinks about that one), and also spent more than every president in history that came before him combined (just like Obama).

This country is heading nowhere good and Levin and his ilk are doing their part to ensure it. His words may occasionally overlap with the truly liberty minded but I'm confident that he is no friend of ours. As someone else pointed out, why would he trash Ron Paul during the election? Romney was every bit the imperialist and constitution-trampler that Obama was. I highly doubt Levin brings this up:

...or this...