Comment: Levin is correct, but I can’t

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Levin is correct, but I can’t

Levin is correct, but I can’t trust his sincerity. He would have to attack the Imperial Presidency itself, rather than its current holder, and this he can’t do since he supports one of its most important features: unilateral action with regards to war and national security. The debate is partisan and over the degree of Caesarism: for how can one advocate a practically unrestrained president regarding war powers and its attendant massive security state and be surprised that this Leviathan just won’t listen when it usurps more power in domestic affairs? He forgets that power accumulates. He forgets that giving power to a president that one favors does not disappear once out of office.

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed the game plan these “conservatives” have been playing? Ever since Obama was elected the tone has been this: Everything before Obama was, on the whole, pretty good, with a few exceptions, then Obama came into office and just made a big mess.

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