Comment: You state that, Your logic

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You state that, Your logic

You state that,

Your logic fails here.. Of course there would most likely be people complaining..

However, the problem you seem to have is:(1)government in any capacity requires the minority to accept the will of the majority; if there is a vote, it is not the minority which wins, is it? (2) Could the poeple of New Hampshire -which didn't like the laws- move out of State?

If an individual does not accept premise (1) then they can find no solice in even the most basic of societies -because they all have a similar basic premise if there is a vote at all. Premise (2) Voting with ones feet, is a way for an individual to escape draconian laws in one place by fleeing to another, if an individual cannot gain enough support in a given area to repeal or replace the draconian laws. While -as I've been saying since the begining- importing people is an option, it:(1) is certainly going to piss-off the people who have lived there which voted for the draconian laws, and (2)If education is such a great means of bringing about change then wouldn't it be easier to educate the indiginous population, then to import 20k+ new people. Maybe through education alone, as apposed to relying on importation of libertarians, New Hampshire could have already become a Free-State; but that would have required too much work, rather than make a website and get like-minded individuals to move there.

As I've already stated it has been 11 years and the only thing which really changed is now the FSP needs 3k more people to move there then it did when I first looked into it. It would seem as though it is moving backwards; doesn't it. So, if there is actually progress towards liberty being made, then it must be due to the indiginous people being converted rather than a migration of people. Again all progress could be lost if the people feel as though the FSP is trying to usurp their votes, by migrating a vast number of outsiders into the State.

If you had a State exactly the way you believe it should be; how excited would you be to find out that a good majority of the new residents moved there for the sole purpose of out voting you? I can gaurantee, you would not be happy about it, as the residents of New Hampshire are not going to be happy when they realize what the FSP is actually up to.