Comment: I still like SA..

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I still like SA..

I just dont see much from him anymore. DP in 07/08 hung on every video that he posted.

I dont think he is selling out as much as he is growing up. Hate me for saying it, but the conspiracy stuff doesn't help our movement WIN. I see it and I'm sure Jack does too.

For you folks that weren't around in 07/08 (and to those that were there..) The truther and conspiracy people hung their beliefs around Ron Pauls neck. The media used it against us and simply silenced us.

Whether or not 9/11 was an inside job is irrelevant when you are running for political office. Especially as leader of the free world. It is such a cattle prod of a subject. When you are already the lone voice, it hurts you.

That might be painful to read, but its the truth. I want the truth to come out like anyone else, that path doesn't include winning a presidential seat at the same time.

Im gonna swing by his YT channel and watch a couple videos.

I hope this post didn't piss anyone off.


Here is the link to the video being bashed:

I agree with Jack. Id encourage anyone here at the DP to watch it.

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